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Our goal is to protect your privacy as much as possible while fully respecting your rights, your fundamental freedoms and your dignity, with particular reference to your right to confidentiality, personal identity and the protection of your personal data. In processing your personal data we adhere to a principle of strict necessity. For this reason, the site is configured in such a way as to minimize the use of your data and to exclude its processing when the purposes pursued in individual cases can be achieved through the use of anonymous data or methods that allow to identify users only in case of need. We guarantee that your personal data will always be processed in a lawful and correct manner, will be collected and recorded for the purposes instrumental to the purposes indicated in this statement, will not exceed the purposes for which they were collected and will be stored in such a way as to allow your identification for the period of time necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed. In order to ensure that your personal data is accurate and up-to-date, we invite you to always check its accuracy and to inform us immediately in case of any modification of the same. This privacy policy applies in any case you decide to browse the site or to use the services it offers, even if you do not register on the site and do not purchase products, so we invite you to read it very carefully.


“Sheabbigliamento” and “” are registered trademarks owned by SHE di Izzo Giovanna (hereinafter referred to as “SHE”). The data controller of your personal data is SHE di Izzo Giovanna, based in Pompei (NA), Via Carlo Alberto Traversa II n ° 2, postcode 80045, tax code and VAT number 08331711211.

Data processors

SHE makes use of external service providers whose experience, ability and reliability are able to guarantee full compliance with our privacy policy and all applicable provisions on the subject. These external service providers will process the data necessary to carry out the management and fulfillment of orders for products purchased on the site, shipping, delivery and return of products purchased on

Purpose and methods of processing

Your personal data are processed by SHE in order to provide you with the services offered on the website if you request them. In particular, your data may be processed in order to provide you with the following services:

registration of your account on the website; subscription to our newsletter; management and fulfillment of your purchase orders, including the shipment, delivery and return of purchased products; management of your requests for assistance and information and, in general, of all activities instrumental to the relationship with users; fulfillment of accounting and tax operations.

The acquisition of your personal data by SHE (and by the data processors designated by it) may be in verbal, written, electronic or telematic form. The processing of your personal data to allow you to use the services requested, is carried out by SHE (and the managers designated by it) mainly using electronic and telematic methods. If you decide to register your account on the site, you will automatically find the option selected in which you consent to the sending of our newsletter to your e-mail address.The newsletter has a commercial and informative nature: it is used for the promotion of the products and services offered on the Sheabbigliamentocom website and for the communication of fashion news. When you register your account, you can freely deselect the option in which you consent to the sending of the newsletter if you do not intend to receive it. In addition, you can at any time decide to unsubscribe from our newsletter, even if you have only requested the sending of the newsletter without registering your account on the website. You will find a link to unsubscribe in each newsletter. SHE guarantees that your personal data will in no way be communicated or disclosed to third parties, except in the case where it is required by law or when it is strictly necessary to be able to perform the contract you have entered into with SHE (as happens, for example, for the communication of your financial data to the bank that carries out the operations relating to the payment of your purchases). In some cases, as expressly indicated in the information, your data will be subjected - with your express consent - to processing aimed at creating profiles based on your preferences and purchases. This has the purpose of sending you information targeted to your needs and interests. Except in the case provided for by art. 130, paragraph 4, d. lgs 196/2003 (in which the owner will be able to use the data to send advertising e-mails on his own products and services, similar to what has already been purchased, unless such use is refused), SHE will be able to use your data to send you advertising on their services and products only with your consent. Any processing purpose other than the specific one for which you have provided your personal data will be highlighted in the information and will be pursued by SHE only after obtaining your express consent (what happens, for example, customer profiling activities based on preferences and purchasing habits). It may happen that SHE finds itself processing personal data of third parties communicated directly by its users to SHE, for example in the event that the user has purchased a product to be delivered to a friend or when the person who pays the price for the purchase of the product is different from the subject for which the product is intended, or even when the user intends to report to a friend a service from or the offer for sale of a particular product. On these occasions, SHE will ensure that the information required by art. 13, d. lgs 196/2003 when registering your data in its archive, but the possible burden of obtaining the consent of the person to whom the data refers before communicating them to SHE and informing her about this Privacy Policy remains at your expense, because you will be the one and only responsible for the communication of information and data relating to third parties without these having given their consent or for their possible incorrect use or against the law. We inform you that the consent of these persons is not necessary when the data of this subject are communicated to SHE for the conclusion of the contract, with SHE, in favor of the third party.

Mandatory or optional nature of providing your data

SHE will ask you to enter certain personal data, on the various occasions in which you decide to use the services offered on the site (for example: when you choose to register your account on the site, when you ask to subscribe to our newsletter, when you fill out the order form to make your purchases, when you request assistance or information through the appropriate Contact form.On each of these occasions, the personal data that we request you to enter may be mandatory, and in this case they are marked with the asterisk symbol (*), or optional.The mandatory data are necessary to allow SHE to provide you with the specific service from time to time. once requested, therefore if you decide not to communicate them or if you do not give your consent to their treatment, you will not be able to use the service you requested. However, failure to communicate or consent to the processing of optional data will not impede the possibility of using the service requested by you.

Your rights

You have the right to obtain from SHE the confirmation of the existence and processing of your personal data, their communication in a clear and understandable form. You also have the right to obtain the following information from SHE:

origin of your personal data; purpose and method of processing your data; logic applied in case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; name of the owner and managers of the processing of your data; subjects or categories of subjects to whom your personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them (for example, as managers or processors).

< p> You also have the right to obtain from SHE:

the updating, rectification and integration of your personal data; - the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of your personal data processed in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; the attestation that the operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been carried out aware, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case in which this fulfillment proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

Furthermore, you always have the right to object, in whole or in part:

for legitimate reasons, to the processing of your personal data even if pertinent to the purpose for which they were collected by SHE; to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.You can exercise your rights freely and at any time, by writing to us through the Contact Us form. 2. SECURITY MEASURES We guarantee that your personal data are kept and controlled by SHE with the adoption of suitable and preventive security measures, in order to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data itself, of non-access authorized or processing that is not permitted or does not comply with the collection purposes indicated in the information in the previous point 1. However, SHE declines all responsibility in the event that such destruction or loss of data, or unauthorized access to them, depends on the equipment you used. We therefore invite you to make sure that your computer and that your internet provider use suitable and updated software systems for the protection of telematic data transmission (for example: antivirus, firewall, antispam filters). 3. LINKS TO OTHER SITES Our privacy policy applies exclusively to the website. Our site may contain links to other websites that may have no connection with us. SHE cannot be held responsible for the content and rules adopted, including in terms of privacy, by different websites that are visible on via links or banners. Our site may provide links to these sites solely to facilitate the user in their navigation.We therefore ask you to pay attention when you connect to the links on our site and to carefully read the related terms of use and privacy policies4. LINKS TO SHEABBIGLIAMENTO.COM Anyone interested in activating links to the Homepage or other web pages of, which are publicly accessible, is requested to contact SHE at the following email address: The contact is necessary to activate the request for consent to the hyperlink to The activation of links is granted by SHE to the applicant, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis. SHE has the right to oppose the activation of direct links to its website in the event that the applicant has adopted in the past or is concerned that it may adopt in the future: unfair commercial practices towards SHE or its suppliers, or when the applicant has taken actions discrediting SHE, its website or its services. In any case, the activation of deep hypertext links (such as deep frames or deep links) to or the unauthorized use of meta-tags, without the consent of SHE, is prohibited. 5. CONTACT A cookie is a small file that a site sends to the browser and saves on your computer when you visit a website such as Cookies are used to make the site work or to improve its performance, but also to provide information to the owners of the site. What type of cookies do we use and for what purpose? Our site uses different types of cookies and similar tools, each of which has a specific function, as indicated in the table below: TYPE OF COOKIES - FUNCTION Navigation cookies These cookies allow the site to function properly and allow you to view content in your language and for your market from the very first access. They are able to recognize which country you are connecting from and make sure that every time you visit the site, you will be automatically redirected to the version of the site for your country. They also allow you to create an account, log in and manage your orders. 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