The passion for fashion and craftsmanship, research, creation as well as the propensity to create ever new items: these are the key elements of our business. Although rare and sometimes impossible to find, thanks to an important network of suppliers, we import vintage Levi's from all over the world, selecting only first choice items. After having washed and sterilized them, we create unique garments entirely handmade by a team of expert craftsmen and highly qualified tailors. Wide, narrow, frayed, colored, with tears, studs or various applications .... Our vintage Levi's are cared for in every detail to offer you customers an exclusive, quality product. They are a wardrobe evergreen, but also a real passion. And, for industry experts, there is no doubt: the canvas and fit of vintage denim are unrivaled! Vintage Levi's really have a story to tell inherent in their seams, faded washes, those characteristic signs of wear or those small imperfections that denote uniqueness and originality.